Enlightenment Mandala Placemat

Enlightenment Mandala Placemat


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About the ENLIGHTENMENT Mandala(Sacral Chakra)
Enlightenment process : represented at a cellular level. How happiness light inner sparks trying to penetrate the human aura and disperse from the Crown chakra (Sahasraraa). The petals are opened but at times there are hindrances. This time every spin will be processed through and breaking through self- sabotaging patterns resulting in enlightenment! Reiki healing art to love yourself!

Usability: These quirky mats can be used as placemats for your dining, centre or study table

Size: Rectangle (11.75″ by 9.5″) Round (11.75″ dia) Oval (14″ by 10.5″)

Material: MDF

Care Instructions: Wipe with slightly damp cloth. Do not wash.

Delivery: As all our products are made to order by kitsch artists, we Dispatch in 8 to 10 days from the date of order received. We ship only in India.


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