Infinite Freedom Mandala Placemat

Infinite Freedom Mandala Placemat


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About the INFINITE FREEDOM Mandala (Root Chakra)
This Chakra painting represents the Root Chakra (Mooladhaara) depicting qualities like fearlessness security, intuition & connectedness .When the earth energy enters the mooladhaara) our body and mind are stable , balanced and establishes themselves in firmness and groundedness and this quality in the cells helps to seamlessly achieve goals and manifest dreams into reality. When one’s thoughts, deed and actions are in harmony then one walks towards an optimistic mindset and carries a charismatic energetic field around the body. Bestows us with Patience, calmness and a centered feeling within.

Usability: These quirky mats can be used as placemats for your dining, centre or study table

Size: Rectangle (11.75″ by 9.5″) Round (11.75″ dia) Oval (14″ by 10.5″)

Material: MDF

Care Instructions: Wipe with slightly damp cloth. Do not wash.

Delivery: As all our products are made to order by kitsch artists, we Dispatch in 8 to 10 days from the date of order received. We ship only in India.


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